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Swaddles are extensively used by everyone with little ones. They get stained but are often still in perfect condition. We decided to collect and upcycle them, for another family to enjoy.

Every Swaddle is uniquely treated and dyed by hand. No item is the same. This set is dyed with: gall apple, campeche wood, annatoo seeds and madder.  

- Sizes are all different (approximately 60 x 65 cm)
- 100% cotton (recycled)
- Hand-dyed and refurbished by Hul le Kes in Arnhem, The Netherlands

Washing Instructions: wash at 40°C. Iron on cotton position. Do not use bleach. The colors of these tea towels will fade after a while.


100% Cotton Muslin
Produced by Hul le Kes in Arnhem, The Netherlands
Machine wash 40°C, do not bleach

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