Gray Label RNTD in Vogue

Gray Label RNTD in Vogue

The German Vogue wanted to know everything about our latest rental service.

Read the full interview with Gray Label founder Emily Gray here and get to know what’s behind our believe in this new way of dressing. 

1 / Why did you start Gray Label? What did you do before? 

I have studied Concept & Brands at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, after I gratuated I travelled to South America and came back with an Argentinian women’s brand called Akiabara, which I became distributor for, for 2 years. Once I got pregnant I discovered the world of babies and kids.  

I was not so impressed by what was offered in The Netherlands in terms of kid’s clothes: so much screamy colours and prints! I just couldn’t find what I was looking for. That’s where the idea for Gray Label was born: I wanted to create a stylish, ecological and unisex label in which children could be their pure self. No stigma’s, just comfortable and minimalistic designs.  

2 / What makes Gray Label different from other children's fashion labels?
What are your products and what makes them special? 

We create easy-to-wear, unisex wardrobe essentials for kids and babies. We want to make children feel comfy and confident, so my thought has always been that a simple t-shirt and pants of great quality works best. We make other styles too, of course, but it is all clean and minimalistic, but as soft as possible. And: we’re not into trends, our products are made for the long run. 

3 / What do you have to pay special attention to when designing children's fashion, also in comparison to fashion for adults? 

Well they run around a lot . And as for the very little ones: their clothes endure many washings. So being dedicated to good quality is a fundamental attitude to make sure the clothes stay in good condition. Regarding design we strongly believe that minimalism gives the children space to be seen as they are. We want to see them, not so much their outfits. For adults it is different, they have a certain style matching their characters. Kids should be free to develop themselves fully.  

4 / Do you include your own family in the designs? 

My own 3 kids have always been my inspiration.

5 / Who designs at Gray Label?  

I design all the collections. I am responsible for the whole creative side. 


6 / What about Gray Label clothing is sustainable? 

We don’t care much for trends. That’s why we create timeless essentials from durable materials that never become outdated. No fast-fashion, just comfortable designs that are here for the long run. Each Gray Label item carries the GOTS certification label. This means that our organic cotton is grown without toxic chemicals and genetically modified seeds. On top of that the people who make our items are being treated as humans should be treated. Children are not allowed to work and adults get fair wages, without being discriminated or forced into employment. 

7 / You are now launching a rental service for children's fashion. Why is this necessary/good? 

I experienced myself how hard it is to keep up with the growth of my kids when they were babies. Before I knew it they had outgrown everything. Such a waste, and we believe many parents experience the same. There’s lots of buying, and lots of the clothes bought are not fully used. This has quite a part in the significant effects that the textile industry has on children’s current and future environments. It’s urgent to make this a change. That’s why we launched RNTD. Clothes can be used to their maximum potential, and we hope to inspire parents to change their mindset.

8 /  How will the rental service work? 

The Gray Label RNTD collection consists of a wide selection of garments and accessories, available in 6 different sizes. 

  • Pick: select your favorite items in any desired color, size and quantity.  
  • Wear: Use your items worry free until your baby is ready for the next size. 
  • Swap: Place a new order, await the delivery of new items and use the same box to return your outgrown ones. Every item will be carefully cleaned with an ecological detergent before being enjoyed by the next little one.  
  • Repeat: Continue to enjoy the benefits of circulated items throughout your baby’s first years. Together we ensure a lower impact on the environment. It’s time to make a difference. 



Average price per item per month: € 6,- 

Minimum order value: € 25,- per month 

Shipping and returns: Netherlands: free, Belgium: €9/Free over €35,- p.m., Germany/Austria: €10/Free over €35,- p.m.  

Cancellation policy: easy cancellation at any time.  

9 /  In which countries will the rental service be available?

In The Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Germany. 

10 / Especially important in Corona times: How is it ensured that children's fashion is safe and hygienically perfect? 

All items are professionally and very carefully washed with an eco friendly detergent, to ensure the clothes are 100% clean and feel like new, every time you rent.

11 / What happens if a borrowed garment breaks? 

Rental insurance is included in each subscription, which covers life's messy moments causing stains and tears from wearing, using and crawling. Subscribers are asked to notify us when an item gets damaged and to return them to us, no matter in what condition, as we can often remove the toughest stains and always learn from the damage or loss of quality.  

12 / How do you organize 3 children and self employment? 

Strict schedules and a very flexible husband :). 

13 / Your 5 product highlights from Gray Label for AW20?

- The Baggy Pants, my all time favourite, in the essential collection from the start. 
- Our seasonal colour Peanut.  
- In collaboration with iconic shoe brand Novesta, we have created an exclusive line of mono-coloured organic shoes for children. Made from our own Gray Label Italian fleece. This season the Peanut version is my favourite. 
- The Gilet. So good for layering!
- Sleep Shirt from our Undies Collection. My kids Love in them! 

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