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Rented apparel matching the growth of your little one

Gray Label extended its sustainable practices in 2019 with the launch of Gray Label RNTD. A clothing rental service for babies and toddlers from 0 to 2 years. This way, the clothes are shared several times, ensuring a low environmental impact.

“It’s hard to keep up with the growth of the little ones. Before you know it they have outgrown their tiny garments. Our clothing is made with their next use in mind, so they fit perfectly in a circular system. We strongly believe in this new way of dressing and hope to convince lots of parents to change their mindset as such,“ says Gray Label founder Emily Gray.

Circular concept
Since 2011, Gray Label has been a pioneer in the field of sustainability. For years already, each Gray Label item carries the GOTS certification label assuring that everything is made following the highest standards of organic and socially responsible production. With a non-stop focus on high quality and timeless design, the brand creates made-to-last collections that can be used by many children.

Gray Label’s wish for a circular concept as an extension of its business model was confirmed by a recently executed research in collaboration with Utrecht University, showing that Dutch young adults feel the responsibility to change their consumer behavior. They are receptive to alternative ways of consuming, contributing to a better future for their children. Accessibility and user-friendliness seem to be preconditions. Gray Label is proud to meet these conditions and to initiate the option to make a difference.

Gray Label RNTD is available in The Netherlands, Germany, Austria and Belgium.

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