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  • Select your favorite organic cotton items
  • Wear without concern, insurance is included
  • Swap when your baby is ready for the next size
  • Minimum monthly rental fee of €25
  • Total flexibility, no commitments
Product Description

A sustainable gift to make a difference. Beautifully wrapped, including a free pair of organic cotton Gray Label socks. Consider it your most rewarding present. 

Choose between 3 months for (€75), 6 months (€150), or year-round subscription (€300) and we'll deliver it to your recipient (or to you, ready to gift).

- Included: 1 top, 1 bottom, 1 suit, 1 bodysuit
- The recipient can choose his or her preferred style, color, and size 
- The gift card does not expire and will start at any desired date
- It ends automatically

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