Cancellation and exchange policy



  1. Once you are moving toward the end of your Rntd-subscription month you notify us about your cancellation.  

- By phone +3120 226 53 52 

- By email - with the subject “cancellation”

- Via your personal Rntd-subscription-page (login on Rntd-website) - click on the cancel your subscription button on the right bottom side of the page and then contact us to verify. 

 - Cancellation of the subscription and the return of your items needs to be done before the new rental month starts, otherwise you will be charged automatically for the new month.

The next important step is to return your rented items via a parcel shop. For international orders, this should take place within 2-3 calendar days before cancellation period. For orders within the Netherlands this should take place within 1-2 calendar days before cancellation period. Note that the return will be accepted once all items from your order are returned. 

- Create a free return label via the return portal: return portal 

Fill in your order nr #.... + your (order) email address. Then you can start the return progress and you will receive a free return label.

You are able to manage your personal Gray Label RNTD subscription information in your (personal) portal account. Once you login, you can see your subscription, orders, invoices and account details. Here you can update your payment method/home-, and email address information.

We are continuously adding new items / styles / colours in order to offer you a broad selection at all times. We hope that by doing this you keep on renting with us until your little one is 2 years old. 

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

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