At Gray Label, children are central to everything we do. This means we respect the world they live in, too.

We’re very concerned about the significant effects that the textile industry has on children’s current and future environments. We believe it’s urgent to make the fashion industry a more sustainable one.

In our opinion, circularity is the way forward.

Our actions:

1. We combine durable design with a non-stop focus on sustainable and socially responsible processes. Each Gray Label item carries the GOTS certification label. Read more about this here

2. We give you easy access to these items through our Gray Label RNTD service and pass them on to new families when they’re too small for your child. We ensure that every piece is always delivered in perfect condition.

3. We take responsibility for where your clothes end up. Clothes no longer suitable for re-usage are recycled.

4. Every webshop order needs packaging. We can’t avoid it, but we minimize it by designing it as all other things: clean and minimalistic. We are always looking for better, greener options. Please help us by reusing our boxes when shipping back your outgrown items.

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