Pick your favorite key wardrobe pieces.

€30 per month

4 items at a time

One swap per 2 to 3 months

Insurance included

Most loved


Create a perfect base with 8 wardrobe staples.

€50 per month

8 items at a time

One swap per 2 to 3 months

Insurance included


Rent all your favorite Gray Label pieces.

€65 per month

12 items at a time

One swap per 2 to 3 months

Insurance included

Most value


Dress your little one from head to toe in Gray Label

€80 per month

16 items at a time

One swap per 2 to 3 months

Insurance included


Your order will ship within 2 working days and includes 1x free shipping for swapping.


Let is know what your want to swap or if you want to upgrade, and instantly rent something new or more.


We understand babies, so dont worry about stains or spots. we make sure to cleam every garment before and after rental.

Clothing Rental service


The service grows with your child. Right before your little one has outgrown their tiny garments you exchange for pieces in a bigger size. The clothing we get back is professionally and very carefully washed with an eco-friendly detergent. Items in perfect condition are passed on to the next little one.


Pick a plan and select the styles you want to rent.

Decide when to return

Wear your pieces until your baby has outgrown them. Return them when you're ready.


Let us know what you want to return and instantly select a new wardrobe.


  • You start your subscription by picking a plan and selecting your favourite items in your preferred colour and size. Add the items to your bag and complete the check-out form accordingly. After you have submitted your order a confirmation email of your order will be send to you and this is the start date of your subscription. By placing your order, you will be charged monthly from your bank account via direct debit

  • We will ship your order within 2 working days. We will ship your order and provide you with a tracking code. In the meantime please double check your shipping address and notify us if something is not correct. You can do so by email to rntd@gray-label.com. We hope you will enjoy your RNTD garment(s) to the fullest.

  • As soon as your little one is ready for the next size. We will make the exchange of items as easy and possible, and free of charge. If you like to swap, the swap needs to take place before the end of your monthly rental period, if not a new rental month will be charged.

  • When you’re little one is ready for the next size, please place a new order with new styles and colours in the preferred next size. We’ll ship your new order in 2 working days. You can create a return label free of charge to return your outgrown items here: gray-label-rntd.returnista.com Enter your e-mail and order number and start your return request. We would love you to reuse our box & dust bag when returning your items. Good to know: most families tend to swap every 3 months. But we are fully aware that the speed of growth varies and are always happy to advise and help you in choosing your best exchange moment.

  • Yes, you can. You are free to select every style and colour that is available for the RNTD collection.

  • No, your subscription starts by picking a plan and each swap you can choose a different plan. Your monthly fee depends on the plan you have selected.

  • No, you do not have to. You are free to keep an item(s) longer. Please notify us so we can update your account accordingly. If you decide to swap that specific item at a later moment you have to cover the shipping costs for this.

  • We will charge the fee of the subscription on a monthly base, starting from the day your order is placed. By placing your order you allow us to charge your subscription fee monthly from your bank account via direct debit. This will occur automatically on the same day every month at the rate in effect. Your membership will not expire, unless you contact us to cancel.

  • Cancellation of the subscription needs to be done before the new rental month starts, otherwise you will be charged for the new month. You can cancel your subscription by calling us at 020 226 53 52 or emailing at rntd@gray-label.com with the subject 'cancellation'. We will send you a return label via email. Once we have received your items in good order, we cancel your subscription.

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