Our care advice

With your first order we provide a little bag of ‘washing peels’ from natural detergent brand Seepje (www.seepje.com). We’re in love with these super peels. They are hypoallergenic and without chemical grits, making your laundry wonderfully clean and soft.

Taking good care of the items is of great help to have many little one’s wearing them again and again. But do not worry too much, as we also wish you a joyful usage without concern. Rental insurance is included in your subscription, which covers life's messy moments causing stains and tears from wearing, using and crawling. Yet, hereby we offer you our tips to optimize the care of your RNTD items. 

In case of a (small) tear, please stop wearing this item and notify us. Please always return all items, no matter in what condition. We can often remove the toughest stains and always learn from the damage or loss of quality. 



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